क्यों बनाना पड़ा ये ब्लॉग?

महिलाओ के उत्थान के बजाए अधिकतर नारीवादी महिलाओं का बेवजह महिमामंडन और पुरुषो को कोसने का काम करते है. उन्हें ये समझ नहीं आता की अगर समाज मे बदलाव लाना है तो पुरुषो के सहयोग की ज़रुरत है ना की कुछ प्रतिशत दूषित पुरुषो का उदाहरण देकर पूरे पुरुष वर्ग को आपराधिक मानसिकता वाला बताते रहने की. 50 -100 लोगो पर किये सर्वेक्षणों से पूरी दुनिया के करोडो -अरबो पुरुषो, महिलाओं का अपनी सोच के हिसाब से वर्गीकरण करना, महान नारी विभूतियों के उदाहरणो की आड़ मे खुद को महान कहलवाना, दूसरो के किये कामो मे मुफ्त की स्पाटलाईट लेना, कानून, संविधान और सरकार को अपनी तरफ झुकाना ताकि बैठे-बिठाये बिना कुछ किये मुफ्त की रोटी और तारीफ़ मिलती रहे...और भी बहुत कुछ....नारीवाद की आड़ लेकर ऐसे अनगिनत काम किये जाते है जो अनुचित होते है और करोडो ज़िंदगियाँ बर्बाद कर देते है पर शायद इतनी बड़ी विचारधारा के विरुद्ध बोलने की किसी की हिम्मत नहीं होती जिसके साथ सरकारें और मीडिया बिना शर्त खड़े रहे.

ये ब्लॉग मैंने ऐसे ही मुद्दों को उठाने के लिए बनाया है. मै नारियों का सम्मान करता हूँ पर अब एक व्यापार बन चुके नारीवाद का नहीं.किसी एक ब्लॉग पोस्ट पर टिपण्णी करने से पहले पूरे ब्लॉग को पढ़ ले.

Monday, January 4, 2016


"A MOTHER who “extensively coached’’ her children to falsely accuse their father of sexually abusing them has lost custody of her three children.
A Family Court judge has ordered the children live with the father, in a different state, taking them away from the “toxic environment’’ of the mother and grandmother.
The mother and maternal grandmother “promoted and encouraged the children to make disclosures of inappropriate behaviour by the father’’, Justice Sharon Johns said in her decision.
The judge said the three children under the age of 11, two of whom have cerebral palsy, had to be protected from such emotional abuse.
“I have no confidence that the children would ever have the opportunity of a meaningful relationship with the father were they to remain in the mother’s care,’’ the judge said.
Justice Johns said the father appeared to be a concerned loving dad who wanted to protect the children from the impact of their mother’s behaviour. The father strongly denied any abuse and described the mother’s allegations as “heinous’’.
The judge was satisfied that the children had not been sexually abused by their father, as there was no physical evidence, there were inconsistent allegations and the children were coached.
Justice Johns said she had significant concerns for the psychological wellbeing of the children when in the care of a mother.
“The children are mightily burdened by their responsibility to support their mother’s view of events,’’ she said.
The judge also accepted evidence from the father that on one occasion last year the mother had left a son, eight, who has cerebral palsy, on the side of a road and driven off.
The judge said the mother seemed dismissive of the event and did not appreciate the potential danger to an eight-year-old child.
The court heard how the grandmother once punished the same boy, who had a fear of the dark, by putting him in a wheelie bin at night, causing him to panic. Justice Johns said it was “a cruel and unusual’’ punishment.
In her December 2 decision the judge said the father had a well-founded concern for the children’s risk of harm in the mother’s household.
Justice Johns gave sole parental responsibility to the father and ordered the mother to have only supervised time with her children and communicate with them via Skype and mail."

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

केस - साइमन वॉन

# Simon Vaughan was awarded £1.1m after his vehicle hit by bomb in Afghan
# 31-year-old soldier was left brain-damaged and in a wheelchair after blast 
# Wife Donna, 33, walked out on him in 2013 after 'squandering' his payout
# She then took him to court for more money and he tried to strangle himself
Were it not for his implacable spirit, Simon might have perished. But Simon is a fighter, and his stubborn will and humour are undiminished - qualities he has needed during a court battle with his former wife, Donna, over money.
Lynne suspects that even as Simon fought for his life in intensive care, Donna 'was working out how much would be paid out if he died'.
Then, on Valentine's Day 2013, after ten years of marriage, a pregnant Donna, 33, walked out, taking their son. She didn't even tell Simon she was leaving. In the messy aftermath, he tried to strangle himself.
It later emerged that Donna had 'squandered' - in the words of Simon's mother - a large part of the £1.1 million compensation money that was intended for his long-term care and rehabilitation.
She bought a bungalow in rural Shropshire for £295,000 without a survey, then found it was structurally unsound. It was demolished and rebuilt by her father, at a cost of £300,000, but still failed to meet building regulations.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

दोष का रूख

ये निराशाजनक सोच और ट्रेंड है कि चाहे जैसी परिस्थितियां हों, परिणाम हों पर हम कुछ ना कुछ करके दोष सिर्फ एक ही तरफ डालेंगे। 

Thursday, September 10, 2015


For many years I've maintained that Western culture is more concerned about the self-esteem of its women than the safety & security of its children. I know this from decades of firsthand observation.

A man and a woman commit exactly the same act. Th
at act is viewed, approached, and dealt with in remarkably different ways.

1) The man will be immediately damned as having acted on internal motivations: lust, greed, envy, avarice, immaturity. The focus will be on the larger picture, and that "society" needs to be protected from his actions. The man is an independent actor responsible for the consequences (often associated consequences rather than direct) of his decisions. In child sexuality cases, it's addressed in active verbs: "X molested Y"

2) The woman will not be treated this way. She will be portrayed as having reacted to her surroundings and external motivations: confusion, double-standards, a sense of helplessness, outside forces misleading or directing her actions. The focus will be on her emotional state and history, and that "society" has no right to judge her actions without having walked a mile in her shoes. "What man hurt her and placed her in the situation where this was her only outlet?" is a common refrain for female child sexual predators. The woman is a disconnected figure from the act and a passive participant in its execution. In child sexuality cases, the emphasis is on the *interactive* nature of the sex and the woman enjoys *passive* verbs, "X had sex with/had inappropriate relationship with/had affair with Y."

At least in THIS case, they have the active verb "seduced" to describe the woman's molestation. Perhaps the Feminist Wizards of Equality will one day require equal description of anti-child actions.

UPDATE: Seems the BBC has updated the graphic of the woman to remove the active verb "seduced" and replace it with the passive verb phrase "had sex with" instead. As I have detailed earlier, "had sex with" is the preferred method of describing female sexual assault, as that phrase elevates the victim to the status of participant instead of target.

Imagine a male rapist being described as "had sex with" a woman, and the screaming cacophony which would follow.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Settling Scores

When women at this level are resorting to these cheap tactics to settle scores, I can only wonder what's happening in the rest of the country. A man is immediately removed from his post on mere accusations, I am confident these women would have absolutely no repercussions for this act. Needless to say - they would inspire many girls to use this to their advantage anywhere in life, whenever needed. SICK!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

दीपिका नारायण भारद्वाज नारीवाद के गलत प्रभाव पर # 02

1) - 7 rape cases in one and a half year. Many more molestation cases too. Think for a moment if this was a man who had raped 7 women and one and a half year and the news would have broken with his 7th victim.....but then when I say this they say how can you equate violating a body with a false case...and that's where they mix crime with gender and emotions.
लड़की ने डेढ़ साल में कई थानों में रेप के 7 मामले दर्ज कराए
on July 30, 2015, 12:26 p.m.

नई दिल्ली (30 जुलाई): जयपुर में रहने वाली एक लड़की द्वारा पिछले डेढ़ साल में विभिन्न थानों में रेप के 7 मामले दर्ज करवाए जाने की बात सामने आई है। यह भी पता चला है कि उसने 2 लोगों के खिलाफ छेड़छाड़ का मामला भी दर्ज करवाया है। यह मामले जयपुर एवं दिल्ली में दर्ज हुए हैं। इतना ही नहीं, खुद इस लड़की के खिलाफ जयपुर के विभिन्न थानों में आधा दर्जन मामले दर्ज हैं। इनमें जबरन उगाही का भी एक मामला है।
रिपोर्ट्स के मुताबिक पुलिस हाल में दर्ज किए गए मामले में आरोपपत्र दाखिल करते समय युवती द्वारा दर्ज कराए गए सभी मामलों को अब अदालत के समक्ष रखेगी।
जानकारी के मुताबिक हर घटना के बाद पीड़िता की काउंसलिंग महिला आयोग या किसी एनजीओ द्वारा की जाती है।
News Link - http://hindi.news24online.com/girl-complains-of-seven-rape-cases-81/

2) - Yakub Memon last wish. Yakub Memon family. Yakub Memon daughter. Yakub Memon Injustice. Yakub Memon pleas. Yakub Memon case handling. 2:30am jostle by bhushan jaisingh grovers.....
AMMMAAAAAZED at the media and sympathy on this case. Maybe i am too dumb to understand the politics around. But i am aghast at how so so so many suicides by men, many where long very long suicide notes have been left on biased laws, false cases, torture, extortion, injustice meted in courts is IGNORED by media blatantly many not even mentioning these deaths for a minute or 100 words article.
I just do not understand this whole sympathy gathering for a man involved with terrorists while they don't blink an eye before saying "hang the...you know who" here's an example.

3) - 
Brutal. Brutal. Brutal. His only mistake was to have gotten engaged to this witch. I am remembering another case where old parents lost their only son when his wife got him killed within a month of marriage by her boyfriend. Actually there are so many....but still we have candle light vigils only for brutality on women not by women on men. Horrible story. Wats worth observing is her smile in that engagement photo. The smile behind the killer plan!!!

News Link - http://hindi.news24online.com/lady-planned-to-kill-fiance-with-boyfriend-17/#.VbxvEwZct6A.facebook

Either American Citizenship or 5 crores or a rape case.
It was 2010. They met in a club. Became friendly. She dropped in at his place. Both got drunk. Sex followed. In the morning, she left with his valuables, cards and many other things while he was still in slumber. When he woke up he realized what had happened. But by then she had already withdrawn money close to 75000 of which a part was paid in a school (her kids school fee.) He complained to the cops. They said let them enquire (boy's never tell truth.) When she got to know about this, she got cops from her own locality, beat the guy and his friend also up (who had come to help the guy) and said either pay 1 lac or she would file a rape case against the man. There was no option for the man to save himself as sex had happened albeit consensual. She had the gender by her side, law by her side and the cops too by her side. He had nothing except money. So he paid. No one got to know. She left with the money. Boys left with scars. She of course was free for her next bakra.
Now - Dec 2012 happened. It became irrelevant what was the history of the complainant. There is no way anyone can expose her lies and modus operandi. She is by law a saint and would never lie. And hence cases like these are galore in several cities in India Today!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Case Study - Sympathy

This woman apparently murders her husband and hild, people are 'sorry' for her. For her. THE MURDERER. If it was her husband, psychosis wouldn't have even come up, he'd just be a murderer. See, the media always has to justify female violence. This wouldn't happen in a society controlled by the patriarchy.

Double standards again. women get sympathy, men get hatred, apathy, and anything that isnt nailed down...(doesnt excuse what they did, but does show the double standard of its not bad when women do it. 

I think it was in 2005 (or 2006), a professional WWE wrestler named Chris Benoit murdered his wife and son, before committing suicide. The world's largest wrestling entertainment once planned to put Benoit on Hall of Fame, but later scrapped that planned after they came to know about his horrific crime. A lot of people in the WWE condemned his crime, and claimed that he shouldn't deserved to be in the Hall of Fame. No one showed any sympathy for him, despite being one of the best professional wrestler back then. WWE didn't put up any kind of grand ceremony to commemorate this wrestler.
Now compare it with this story about a woman who did the same crime as Benoit. She is a nobody, compared to Benoit, yet she's fucking getting sympathy from people around her. Do note that both this lady and Benoit suffered from some kind of mental illness, but only the lady got excused of her crime, using her mental illness as a justification. Benoit, he was just called a "monster", unworthy of being a Hall of Famer, despite his great career.
Why is it that whenever a woman commits such horrific crime, people come up with such silly excuse like "psychosis", yet a man is called a monster, when he does the same crime, even if he's famous like Benoit ?
These people who are excusing such criminals are doing a great disservice to our society. They are enabling a culture, where a female criminal has the chance to escape harsh punishment, feigning mental illness. These sympathizers are as equally guilty as to those criminals.
And I heard that there are cases where feminists wanted to ban women prison.
...Also I'm not condoning either one of their crime. I'm not saying that Benoit should deserve any sympathy. He rightfully deserved to be condemn. Neither I'm saying that WWE is responsible for his wife and son's death.

I was trying to show the double standard here. Whenever a woman commits a crime like this, she gets sympathy that she really doesn't deserve. On the other hand, a man committing the same crime is called a monster, that deserves to rot in hell.

I say, regardless of gender, any person who commit such heinous crime deserves no sympathy, and should be punished. 

Excusing this women, would only encourage other female criminals in the future to commit crime and then feign mental illness to gain sympathy, or to escape harsh punishment.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

दीपिका नारायण भारद्वाज नारीवाद के गलत प्रभाव पर # 01

"This is to both men and women who are so shockingly concerned with Indias "Rape Culture" How many rape have you heard of/happened in your immediate family? How many men in your immediate family are lecherous/disrespect women/treat them as object? How many men in your office have been sexually harassing their female counterparts at the drop of a hat? How many times when you travel around have you been groped or seen someone groping a woman? How many times have you mocked/ridiculed/made fun of/not sympathized and FOUGHT if you knew a woman has been tortured/harassed? How many times even if you knew the man is not at fault presumed him guilty and cut off ties with him?
As a woman i have seen it experienced it. How many times? I can count on my fingers that too less than of one hand. Do i then say all men are like that? Do i then look at every damn man in that way? Do i then accuse and presume every man as a potential rapist?
Men boast about their sexual escapades. Women keep it under wraps. Doesn't mean women aren't going out there and indulging in sexcapades. Abortions/teenage sex is at an all time high but whenever things go awry in these relationships it's ONLY the man to be blamed. Well informed and Women who have travelled all around and seen everything are making claims of sex on pretext of marriage , adding phenomenally to reported number of rapes. Then is the cases of teen elopement where girl's parents then file a rape case on the boy.
I am not at any point of time denying occurence of these heinous crimes and that as a society we need to condemn them. But blaming an entire male populi of having such mindset? Nirbhayas father is also a man. The man who saved her life for whatever days is also a man. The men who come to save you/protect you when you are in distress are also men. Men who adore you to hilt and do every damn thing possible to make you happy are also men. Then WHY blame every MAN for being a MAN? A potential rapist/molester/dowry seeker/woman hater blah blah blah. Before you give in to this hysteria PLEASE PLEASE understand it's gonna cost you one day and absolutely not to those who are running foreign funded NGOs after creating this hysteria. Today a young man has been denied Internship by a university professor. Tomorrow, no matter how innocent you or a family member of yours is NO ONE absolutely NO ONE would trust you. If you happen to be from a minority/small community you might also get LYNCHED after an accusation. Fighting against Crimes is good. But FEAR MONGERING is dangerous. Think. And if at all you wish to RAISE YOUR VOICE Raise it against a Judicial system thats worse than gutter. Raise it against Police that is supposedly our protector but instills so much FEAR that it's arrival at home causes heart attacks. Fight. But fight for something that results in betterment not Disaster.
- Dedicated to all those women who are writing pieces on DailyO everyday claiming India has a "RAPE CULTURE"

Monday, January 5, 2015

Miscellaneous Case Studies, References

The Dean of Students at Duke University, Sue Wasiolek, openly admitted this year that if two students are equally drunk and end up having sex then it's the male student who should be held responsible in her opinion as a rapist. Quoting from the Daily Beast:
"When asked if sex between two equally intoxicated students should be regarded as mutual rape, Wasiolek replied, “Assuming it is a male and female, it is the responsibility in the case of the male to gain consent before proceeding with sex.”

Even police women get special mention of their gender when the going gets tough, as though that should garner extra sympathy and support.
Feminists won't complain about this, because they only want gender to be invisible when it doesn't give them special privileges, and that's how you know they are just a bunch of sexists.
It's the blue uniform and intervention of the party these teens took issue with, but media still manipulate the headline to reflect 'no respect for women'. As if female police will suddenly be afforded more authority just because vagina...

The Feminists propagate that women are innocent in India , men are the criminals . This is what the known newspaper Indian express published today. The news article says ,"The rise in numbers of women pickpockets has been a subject of challenge for security agencies in the Metro network including the CISF as the figures for the last year also depict a similar trend."


As per feminism "Agree to (and follow) whatever we say or there is something wrong with you."

The feminist movement "liberated" women in France who never had an overriding yearning to go topless anyway and now that most of the women there have rejected toplessness the feminist in the article calls them lazy conformists. Quoting from the article:
"France’s summer is fast becoming a memory, and so is one of its iconic beach sights: the topless woman.
As few as 2% of French women under 35 now say they want to bare their breasts, according to an Elle magazine poll this summer. It’s a far cry from the once-ubiquitous scenes of semi-nudity on the French Riviera... In the 1960s, it took a country like France to make feminism sexy — and women did it by going topless on the beach...“French young women today are more conformist. They’ve already attained freedom … So they’ve gotten lazy and taken it for granted,” said Jean-Claude Kauffman, author of Women’s Bodies, Men’s Gaze. Sociology of Naked Breasts."


In this newly released video, a local ABC News team shows camera footage of the moment a woman's false rape claim was exposed as bullshit. The woman in the video falsely accused a male co-worker of rape and ruined his life. He lost his job and his finances were destroyed.
You also get to see him breaking down in tears while in police custody in the video. This is one of the most damaging, horrendous crimes in society and yet it is rarely punished and the feminist movement has been putting pressure on the authorities to lighten the punishment on these women in the UK. This is why the feminist movement is our enemy.
Hijacking other Causes/Issues/Events.....because Feminism 
Just scroll through this list of supposedly the best feminist kid moments of 2014 and let me know when you find anything that has to do with women's rights. Quoting from the article:
"In fact, the kiddos were so great at making a stand this year that I’ve rounded up the six most awesome kid-filled feminist moments from 2014 for your viewing (and educational) pleasure below. Get excited."

This is what female oppression looks like. Anyone care to take a guess as to how many or what percentage of those dollars Anita received came from men?
I believe a lot of feminists aren't deluded though, they know what they want. They want female supremacy. They think women are entitled to perfect lives in a world where nothing they find distasteful is allowed to exist... That's all Anita is doing. She's not actually helping girls who live under the Taliban's laws, she's not trying to teach women to defend themselves, she's not fighting stereotypes. She's just bitching about video games she never played. There's a subgenre of First World Problems that belong to feminists.